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Formal Studies in the Syntax and Semantics of Indian Languages (FOSSSIL) is a non-governmental learned registered society, formed to undertake research and investigation in the syntax and semantics of Indian languages, and/ or the languages of the various social groups in India. It further aims to undertake schemes/ activities leading to the development of formal linguistic descriptions and analyses of Indian languages and to provide facilities and act as a forum for exchange of information, ideas and experience in the practices and techniques in formal linguistic descriptions and analyses of Indian languages.

FOSSSIL conducts formal linguistics workshops and a Spring/ Autumn School in the Indian mountains (LISSIM) every year.

Among various other activities, the Society plans to publish the following every year, in addition to the 5th Asian GLOW proceedings published in 2007:


The FOSSSIL Newsletter


Contingent upon future endowments, FOSSSIL wishes to institute fellowships and prizes for deserving researchers working on formal studies of Indian languages.

Membership to the Society is open to anyone who shows demonstrable interest in the goals of the Society and is seconded by two other members upon payment of prescribed fees. For membership queries, write to