LISSIM 7 May 26- June 15, 2013
Funded byCIIL and GLOW

Special List

This is the list of candidates pre-selcted to participate in LISSIM 7 based on the strength of their essay and/or their known/ demonstrated commitments to the field of formal linguistics. These pre-selected candidates will not be required to go through the interview stage of the selection process. [The list is arranged according to the alphabetical order of last names]

  1. Rahul Balusu (Assistant Prof., EFLU):

    Comparative Syntax of the Syntax of Adjectives: Telugu and Malayalam

  2. Alison Biggs (PhD, Cambridge):

    Microvariation in symmetric passivisation in Northwest British English

  3. Marcin Dadan (PhD, UConn):

    Regional variation in realization of dative case in Polish

  4. Paroma Sanyal (Assistant Prof., IIT/D):

    Causal Complementizers in Bangla: Enumerating the language options

  5. Hidam Gourshyam Singh (PhD, DU):

    A Minorparameter in Meeteilon

  6. Samar Sinha (Assistant Prof., Sikkim University, Gangtok):

    Index and Verb Agreement: a unified featural analysis

  7. Grace Mary Temsen (Reader, University of Hyderabad):

    A Variation in Khasi