Guide to 1st LISSIM

1 Broad themes of the 1st LISSIM

The following are the broad themes of the 1st LISSIM:

Head Movement
Phrase Movement
Discourse effects of H/ phrase Movement

2 Specific questions to answer
These issues are to be seen in light of their transition from pre-Minimalist models PMM (GB and Barriers) to Minimalism MP. The questions we should endeavour to find answers to are as follows:

How do the facts accounted for in PMM by using/ proposing/ employing Head/ Phrase movement – i.e., the empirical coverage attained in explanation through H/P movement – stand up in MP?

What is the theoretical status of H/P movement in MP? Are they changed or mere re-statements of the earlier theorems?

Are the effects (if any) of H/P movement obtained in PMM still retained/ rejected in MP? Especially, in terms of Topic/ Focus interpretation (or other discourse-related effects), how are the same achieved in MP?

Related to H/P: What is the status of Specifiers in view of Kayne’s theory of Antisymmetry?

How is/ is not Kayne’s Antisymmetry (AT) is a culmination of broad results of GB?
How far is the ban on multiple specifiers in AT justified in view of data and proposals in MP?
How is X’-Theory different/ similar across AT and MP, especially with reference to the status of Heads and Specs/ Phrases?

What is the status of A/A’ positions in MP? Is the concept of L-related/ non-L-related equivalent or make different claims?

These are only broad themes, and with consensus, other themes can be discussed.

3 The way to go about it

The way to go about it is to scan GB/ Barriers texts for instances of the above issues and compare them with the MP text and see if those issues have been taken care of or not.

Form reading groups at respective universities. The groups should meet (with immediate effect) twice a week, so that you can have 12 meetings before the beginning of LISSIM. At least three times the two groups should plan to meet. Communication with the group to be done through the LISSIM wiki that has been set up (http://lissim.wikispaces.com/).

Try to get as many books/ papers written by the faculty and share them.

Other matters:
Plan to book tickets by sleeper class in Ranikhet express of 24th March night, returning on 10th April

Start making communal copies (that is, do not duplicate copying) now of material you may need or just think useful.

Join the wikispace and start talking (PLEASE!!!) Use the "Discussion" tab to post your messages.

Prepare a question bank on the wikispace that can be discussed later in the School.

Take the whole affair seriously as this a new beginning in formal studies in India and its success (and continuation) will depend on you all.

There will be a two weeks Autumn School in September in Dharamkot, Himachal Pradesh with Tim Stowell, Hilda Koopman, Dominique Sportiche and Halldor Sigurdsson.

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